December 03, 2010

Today Is Not A Good Day !!

My alarm rings at 7am, why so early??? It's school holiday already and I can wake up a bit late right?  My son he has to go to school for the Chinese Orchestra - Erhu practice,  again .. practice, practice, practice .. even on school holidays also have to go practice.  It's ok for me to wake up early and sent him to school... I want to get my yearly dental check up too.  Maybe, I can just go to visit my dentist earlier.  But, I only notice that my car battery dead when it was about time to sent my son to school.  Need to spent money again.  Last week my car tyre just got puncture when a 2 inch nail popped into it.  I've called the foreman to come to my house but still waiting for them till now.  I hope to get my battery changed and I can use my car again .. .. .. 

Sometimes when I think, I just desperately need someone who can be my driver :))) Sent me to the place I want to go & fetch me when I want to go home .. .. hehe!!  

Wish All Of You Have a Nice Day!!



eugene said...

Hey Tin,

I am sorry have not been visiting your blog for a while now, guess what, i lost your URLs,,, now i shall add you in my blog list, so that i can come around when you update ya..

and have a great weekend ya

TINTIN said...

Thanks Eugene, you are always welcome to visit at anytime ... teehee!! :)