December 08, 2010

New Ironing Board

Look at my ironing board.  I wonder why most of the things nowadays are not as durable as the things at our grandmother's time.  When all of you see this, sure the first thing come into your mind are "huh.. how I can breaks this ironing board till like this"??  right.. haha.. Actually, it's the wood used are too soft and couldn't support my ironing work.  I will do the ironing almost daily.  Actually I'm a bit "sayang" to just throw it away, still in good condition :(   If my father are still around, he sure can help me repair it.. :((  I don't know how to repair this .. so, I just get myself a new one. 

This my new ironing board..smaller size and I cover it with this blue flowery cover.  Nice ya?? 


1 comment:

eugene said...

I think there is one a nice ironing board which is good and helps to iron clothes better, it is Tefal brand,,, i love ironing,,,,,,and you think i must be crazy but i really like ironing,,