December 14, 2010

New Recipe Books To Complete My Collection

Love this cakes and snack recipe book from one Taiwanese Chef - 孟老师, she is quite famous among   my friends from cooking blog.  Most people followed the recipe shared by her and successfully bake the cakes.  I got another 3 recipes book by her too.  This will be the 4th book I get from 孟老师 ...  all recipes inside this book are very tempting .. :P

Do you know that my one and only weakness.  I got the bad-habit of like to buy recipe books.  Each and everytime when I got the opportunity to visit the book-shop, my first department to visit is the place where they display the cooking/recipe books.  I just love to look at the nice foodie pics and read the recipe books.  Other than recipe books, I love to check out the books on handicraft or DIY books.  I can spent hours by flipping all the books there.  Most of the time, I will end-up like 5-6 books on my hand before I decided which 1-2 books that I'm going to buy that day.  Sometimes, it's really very hard for me to make the decision.  I just love it all .. hehe!  But, those books are quite expensive and I must really make the tough decision to cut down from 6 books to only 2 books.  Here are the books I got for myself recently... :)

The Golden Book of Chocolate - everything made of chocolates.. yummy!!  This 703 pages recipe book cost me RM71.80, it is as thick as dictionary.  I love every single recipe in it .. !! (A bit heartache with the price but, I'll more heartache if didn't get one back home .. hehe)

and lastly, the famous cuisine magazine.. I will normally buy it every month .. 


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