December 05, 2010

Bleeding Gum

My gum bleeds each time I brush my teeth, it was quite disturbing and I know it's time for me to visit dentist for my yearly check up and got my plaque remove.  Surprisingly, after my dental appointment my gum stopped bleeding when I brush it.  According to the dentist, my gum are not that healthy and he advise me to do the treatment.  I trust his professional advice and agreed to get my gum treated.  It's quite expensive but I want my gum to be healthy ... what to do?? :((

It takes me 2 days to get it all treated.  On 3rd Dec the dentist treat my right side gum.  It included plaque removal and the gum treatment.  The next day, I got my left side gum - upper and lower gum treated.  

I buy this Compact Interdental Brush to removes the plaque between teeth or the food that sticks in between teeth.  This is the best was to keep our teeth clean thoroughly besides floss it :)

Dr told me, my gum are quite sensitive and advise me to use the super soft tooth brush to my teeth.  I bought a bottle of PerioGard - Antiseptic Mouth & Throat Rinse to rinse with it after my brushing twice daily.

Antibiotic & some painkillers for me :)

Will back for the follow-up check up again after 2 or 3 weeks.  Now, I will spent longer time to brush my teeth, paying more attention to the teeth at the back which we hardly reach it with tooth brush.  

After spent sometime & money, no more bleeding gum & fresher breath :)

P/S:  When is your last time visit your dentist??? 



eugene said...

Taking care of our teeth is important,a lot of times we regret of not taking care of them when we should have sigh..

hey where did you buy this pearly white products, i heard about it but don't know where to get it, i heard it was good

TINTIN said...

Yes, I hope it was not too late for me ..hahaha!! Now, we should start to educate our kids with good oral hygiene .. and taking care of their teeth. The proper way of brushing teeth also important :) I buy it from the dental clinic I go to get my treatment. Maybe, u can try to find it at our local phamarcy too.