December 06, 2010

D5 Cafe Alor Star

There are more and more cafe with Wifi  in Alor Star lately.   Old Town Cafe, Uncle John, Georgetown Cafe & etc.. just to name few.   At the day when I'm not cooking I would love to bring my kid's out to dine at the newly open or the one we have not yet pay a visit to try out their food... On 4th Dec, we went to this D5 Cafe as suggested by son to have our lunch there.  I will definitely won't go back there again because non of the food we ordered that day taste good.  I just wonder how long a cafe with terrible food can survived here in Alor Star??  

Iced chocolate drink

Sky juice 

Thai Fried Rice - not nice :(

Black Pepper Chicken Chop - too much black pepper.. ruin the taste!

Chicken chop are not tender at all .. french fries too salty :(

My first and last time visit it .. 


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