December 12, 2010

LOVE IS . .♡

"LOVE" is love, cherish, kind, caring, sharing, understanding, accept, concern, forgiveness, sacrifice, patient, compromise, honest, trust and respect.

Just like ice cream, a special love can be so smooth and sweet.
If you love someone, you should accept each other as what he or she is !!

Faces of "LOVE" ... Love is Joy, Love is Happiness. Sometimes ... love hurts. Sometimes love makes you feel. But the many faces of love can be expressesed through these feeling ... that expresses the different.
So ... "Faces of Love" ... Love leaves a smile on your heart ...

Love is real, caring and concern.

It's a warm
and comfortable closeness,
it's understanding and support ...
sometimes unexpressed,
but always felt.
Love is a bond
that grows stronger
despite differences, distance,
and the changes of time ...

I'll never shed a tear for you
Cause I know your love is true
I know I have your heart to keep
There's no need for me to lose any sleep

Your precious heart confessed your love for me
It was all right there for me to see
I haven't let foolishness blind me from the truth
I know I was meant to be with you

You have put a meaning on the words true love
Gave me the reason I needed to to finally raise my head up
I no longer feel like the weight of the world is on me
You have made the past disappear and set me free

And now I could'nt even imagine living without you
Theres no way I would ever make it through
Life would be just a waste of time to me
If I didn't have you always loving me

I know your special in every way
And my love for you grows stronger day by day
As time goes by I need you even more
And as long as I exist in this world

Your heart will always have a home
I make a promise to you this day
That my love for you will always remain
Strong and true, and even stronger tomorrow

And your heart will never again feel sorrow
All I want is to be held on to tight
to hear you love me and that it will be all right
That's all I ever want to hear
You whisper softly in my ear

Hold me tight and don't let go
I'm waiting, longing, time moves so slow
Love is the ocean of feelings, drifting you in its current, but leads you to the new place of forever.
No one can survive without love. Love is a powerful things face of mankind on earth.

Love should be as free and beautiful as butterflies floating on the wind.
Love can only be touched through the heart.
Love is the rainbow of life.
Love is simply one heart, with two souls sharing

Love is that warm tender feeling inside.
Love is not having to say 'Im sorry.' ...
Love means not ever to say, it is boring.
Love is knowing that, no matter what, you have someone who want's to make you smile.

Just like ice cream, a special love can be so smooth and sweet.

Love is a higher level of affection. Affection is the close mental and physical presence of others. We seek affection to fill the hole in our hearts and the gap in our mind that is called loneliness. Deep down, everyone is the same. We all fear rejection and being lonely...if we have affection, being lonely won't hurt as much. There is fundamental hole in all our fills it.

Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all mthings, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired."
Love should be a kind of feelings that will make us power that will help us
 to expand our lives and bring out our potentials
with fresh vitality, but we lose all the objectivity
in our lives when we once falls in love.

"True love is not about doing whatever the
other person wants you to do, or
pretending that you are someone that is not 
you Ideal love is fostered only between
two sincere, mature  and i ndependent people".
Don't try to change you own unique self
just to be with the one you love.  Be natural,
be yourself that is what true love applies.
Love should be a kind of power that will help us
to expand our lives and bring out our potentials
with fresh vitality, but we lose all the objectivity
in our lives when we once falls in love.
A healthy relationship is when two people
encourage each other to reach their respective
goals and sharing  each other's hopes and
dreams.  A relationship should be a source of
inspiration, invigoration and hope. Learn from  our
lover, the  one that we respect and admire, and
continue make efforts to keep on improve and
develop ourself.  Learn the art of life as much as
we can.

"LOVE is not two people gazing at
each other, but two people looking
ahead together in the same

Well, I believe happiness is not something that
anyone else, even a lover can give us.  We have
to achieve it by ourself.  And, the only way to do
so is by developing our own unique character,
personality and capacity as a human being, by
fully maximizing our potential.  If we sacrifice
our own growth or talent for love, i believe we 
absolutely will not find the true happiness in life.

Real love is not about two people clinging to each
other; it can only be fostered between two strong
people secure in their individuality.  A shallow
person will only have shallow relationships.  If we
want to experience real love, it is important first to
develop a strong self-identity. 

Love doesn't mean both of us have to be stayed
close to each other.  The most important is the
happiness can be achieve for both people in
the relationship.  We care and understands well
what's happening.  Love doesn't need any
explaination, argument or unnecessary

Knows ourself before we try to understand
others.  Love is too complicated and undescrible 
to me.  Words can't express my thought about
love. People do says "LOVE are Blind" !

Only those who are truly and deeply in love will
feels those feelings.  Love will let you see only
the most beautiful and perfect part of our lovers.
Miss them every single seconds, minutes and
hours.  Care for them, kind of mixed feelings,
wants to see them smile and happy.  Feels
happy no matter what we eat and where we are
as long as enjoys each other company every
single seconds.



eugene said...

Why so emo on a beautiful and raining Sunday lol?

Aeiween said...

wow~ good explanation for LOVE! Awesome! Like it so much~

Happy Home And Garden said...

It;s truly wonderful!

HappyUNow said...

AWWW ! Love is truly wonderful thing !!!!

Neethu said...

I saw ur blog the way u write..and the way u put so unimportant things so shopping items..seeing u I felt I should learn to enjoylife..u r a greatispiration..ur 3 kids r blessed..willkeep an eye on ur blog..Neethu Vinod from India