December 02, 2010


Who's BIG DAY??  Yes, it's my mother in law's big day, it's her birthday.  My mother in law, she will only celebrates her birthday according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar's date.  She is quite a traditional thinking lady who must eat "mee sua  & eggs" on her birthday.  

I'm very bad that I never take the effort to remember her chinese lunar birthdate.  I remember I only cook twice the mee sua soup for her birthday in my more than 10yrs ++ as her daughter in law.  Not too bad already la,.. at least I cooked for her before .. hehe !!  

My sister in law and her mommy :)

Snap a pic with the birthday girl ... hahaha ~

My baby want to join in .. so, another take for 3 girls of 3 different generation :)


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