April 01, 2008


Few questions to ask before I started with my blog today. Do you like food?? Do you like to travel?? enjoy life?? photography? diving? meeting new people??? and the most important is you like to laugh all the time and having fun - happy, happy all time ~*giggling*..

Today marked 3 months
since DailyLifestyles forum started and we launched our very first issue of DailyLifestyles.com Online Magazine (pls. wait for a while for the magazine to load*) I was truly amaze by the hardwork and effort put by the editorial team to make this online magazine a success.
Congratulations !! you guys have done a great job...

All our dreams can come true, if we have to courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney

Join us and share with us your passion in life, your travel experience and all the mouth watering FOOD...yummy!! ~

Some of the DailyLifestyles outing recently:

1st outing BEGGAR CHICKEN Food Outing - CLICK for more pics

2nd outing BBQ SEAFOOD Food Outing - CLICK for more pics

3rd outing KELONG TRIP

DailyLifestyles BBQ & Steamboat outing - they have this gathering most of the time ... ^^

DailyLifestyles Dim Sum Breakfast & Scuba try out ... ^^

As mention in my recent post, I'm happy to get to know a group of nice friends in DailyLifestyles and looking forward to join more of the outings and gathering...yeah!!!


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