April 17, 2008

Nissan Pivo2

Super duper cute car Nissan Pivo2. I wonder will all of us drive this kind of car in future? Just imagine that all of us are driving this colourful cute car on highway...mmm, that'll be cute right? Some picture of this cute car when it's displayed at one of the Tokyo Car Show. I just love it's design.

look at wheel, can move horizontally and vertically too?

mmm, where is the pretty model for this car???

Nissan Pivo2

the steering ...COOL~

front view
ya, with the pretty model driver
one seat only?


LucKy☆sTaR said...

this car so cute >.<

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow! very cute car, it looks like a cinderella carriage to me. :-)

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