April 04, 2008

Busy Day

I've been busy lately. I got to give tuition to my youngest daughter. It's quite tough as she is very weak in Bahasa Malaysia. I need to go real slow with her, explaining everything to her and teach her the pronounciation (suku kata). I sent her to tuition class since she is 5 years old, but I didn't see any improvement all the while.

After a few lesson with her, I found that she is not that weak, all she need is someone who can patiently and slowly teach her. She is slow in memorizing words also and she need longer time to memorize her spelling and ejaan. Not too bad and most of my time now are spent on her. I will try my best to teach her and I hope she can get a better result on her exam this May.

Anyone of you out there who got the same problems like me?? Having kids who have no interest in study? Or kids who want you to be by their side when they study? Do share with me your experience ya? .. I really need to know how to handle them. Or, share with me how your kids are good in their studies...what's the method? Kids who got straight 'A's...hahaha!!! (share share la ~)

Yeah,...I'm going to Yoga class tomorrow. I've bought myself a Nike Yoga Mat. I just want to do some exercise and stretching my body. I really feels excited and I hope I can slim down a bit too. Looking forward to the Yoga lesson tomorrow...hehe ~

Too tired...more interesting updates soon, please be patient ya~ I want to sleep already, Good Night !!



Sweetiepie said...

I guess some kids are slow in understanding things.Likemy elder daughter,she is not that bad in math or english.It just that she need someone to guide her and explain it to her till she understand the whole concept.Don't worry she will catching up soon.You have to think a way that she could easy to spell.Make it in a fun way.I always ask my daughter to spell before she go to sleep.That's work for her.Good Luck!

jepunlauee said...

Ai ya,kids are like that la,but when they enter higher level,they won't let us see their books also,they will prefer tuition centres lah..hahaha...
now just bear in a bit la,tiring..but do your best..hehe..