April 23, 2008

Long Neck Beauty

Dear friends,

I'll be in Jakarta, Indonesia from 25th-28th April and might not be able to update my BLOG when I was there,....more pictures and stories to share when I'm BACK~

Some shots I took when I visit the Long Neck Hilltribe Village Chiangrai, North Thailand - Nov, last year.
desaturate the pic to bring out the feel ..
come on, guess the weight of the rings around her neck...
they have on hands and legs too..
add contrast to bring out the color..
this pic is a bit under... i need a speedlite!!~


BeverLy's Secret said...

Heard about this long time ago..
I found it's quite torturing though..
They really love to do so? or?
just curious...hehe

Constance Chan said...

i saw a docu once about them... i wonder is it that they add the ring to their neck as a mark of certain age each year? then by the time they are stretch yearly that's why can become so long ha? the young ones have lesser rings while the older one have more.

UncleJosh said...

i thought it's a culture?
hmmm... how how?