April 06, 2008

Busy Day Again . . . .

Another busy day for me... My day starts when my 6am alarm clock rang this morning. I wake up 30mins earlier today just to get ready for my photoshoot apointment with Yen today on 8pm. I get the pictures in my memory card transfer to my laptop and get my extra battery charged.

As usual, I sent my kids to school around 6.45am then straight to market to buy newspaper and breakfast. Today, I didn't cook. I will just buy the lunch after my photoshoot apointment. After the photoshoot, ... I con't will my photo edit work. Really tired facing the computer screen all day long and I didn't have enough sleep.

I'll go to Jakarta on 25th - 28th April to attend K-Link International Indonesia Branch 7th Anniversary. My hubby will fly to Jakarta from Hanoi and we'll meet there... I'm happy, I can meet him there and celebrate my birthday there as well. Really look forward to this trip. It's been quite sometime I didn't travel with my hubby ... hehe~

Sorry for just jot down this boring blog...more interesting one coming up ...LOL~



Kok said...

wow, hope you have a fun trip to Jakarta!:)

zhenhui said...

i have enormous respect for career women who seem to balance everything in their lives so nicely :D
ur children must love u a lot :)

Farah Deen said...

Jakarta sounds like great! and meeting up your hubby there to celebrate your birthday together sounds romantic and simply perfect! all the best and bon voyage.