April 09, 2008

My Cute Doggie ^.^

Meet my doggie of 4 years Rolex. We all call her Lex. Why Rolex?? lol~ I found this name unique...lol. Actually my dog got another name at first. We call her Eucalyptus but, I found this name are hard to pronounce and too long.

Rolex are of the tiniest toy Shih- Tzu breed. Even though now she is already 4 yrs old plus but she just weight at 2kg, size not more than 30cm long and her height is just 16cm. She is the tiniest Shih-Tzu I've ever seen. I always addressed her as my youngest daughter among my relative and friends. Her tiny built make her hard to find herself a boyfriend .. LoL~ She is very active, playful, she likes to eat and sleep...huh~ very "ho mia" leh?

I feed her just Eukanuba dog biscuits and water. I also get her some dog snacks and vitamin. Bath her with dog shampoo and,.. she is very very "manja". She likes to scratch her body in between our foot. Waving her tails when she see us back from outside. She enjoy it when we bath her. She will quietly sit there for us to bath, blow and comb her hair. She just know how to enjoy life like us ... hahaha!!
Hello, I'm Rolex ^.^
I cut her hair short .. easier for me to comb her hair ...
mmm,..i think i should grow back her long sliky hair,..she look cute with her hair tied up with a small ribbon



BeverLy's Secret said...

I want a puppy too :'(

Ratu Syura said...

awww.. so cute! and she looks good in red! hehe.. i'm thinking of getting a puppy but can't afford the maintenance for now.. :(

wenzi said...

Nice :D Like studio photography

Farah Deen said...

oh wow...Rolex is absolutely gorgeous! i have seen these kinda cuties in handbags! they are small and cute and they fit into your tote bags!

jessbabe said...

cute la rolex!!!