April 09, 2008

My DaY ~

I finally can back to update my boring BLOG and post up some crappy pictures here to share it with u all ^.^ happyyy, yohooo!! I've been busy recently with my photoshoot work, more customers now and becoming my youngest daughter private tuition teacher. I teaches her everything in her schoolbag, listens to her grumble and complains patiently .... and I can see she is not too bad as I think. She just need someone to be with her when she's doing her school work. Someone who is really dedicate and patient, hahaha!! I have to be one although I'm not as patient..huh !! ~

I finished edit the potrait of Yen Yen I took on Sunday and hand over the pics to her today. And got my pay ... lol~ How much?? that is secret...hahaha!!! If you want to know, then u have to hire me loh!! keke~ I sent both my daughters to Ballet exam this morning. My youngest daughter have to skipped her class for one day as her exam is on 9.30am and she is in the morning class. So, can't manage to go to school. As for my elder daughter, her ballet exam is on 10.30am, she still can go to school after her exam as she is in afternoon class and her class start on 1.10pm.

I want to took some pictures of them but my elder daughter covered her face with her hand...she is shy, lol~ So, here is some pictures of my youngest daughter and her friend just before she entered the exam hall to perform her ballet dance for the examiner came from China ~ Miss Anna ^.^

My cute and chubby Xin Nin (Jou Nin are too shy to let her pictures snap by me)
with her friends *
Guess what Xin Nin did with her lunch TODAY???

she did this cute SMILEY face with fried eggs and vege ...

the first pic are smiling smiley ... and this one is sad smiley, she told me ~

I found it cute and I told her,.. Don't eat first !!! let mommy take pics .. LOL~



BeverLy's Secret said...

smiley face on fried egg!!
so creative!!

jepunlauee said...

wah..your dotter looks so sweet in her ballet outfit..she must be good in her ballet..hehe...

ladysze said...

hey hey!
thankz for dropping by! :)
You've got a really pretty daughter..great reading and knowing a mom's life on blog :)

the eggs and vege so cute!

Farah Deen said...

I thought those are cute too- the smiley faces! and she did it with the bean in her rice ha? :)

glad to know you are back and your princess looks pretty in that dancing dress! is goes for ballet?

bearlim said...

that is always have to cute mother first, and cute daughter later. haha~^^

Kopi Soh said...

Dun lar say your blog boring, it's NOT!! Oso got so many cute things to look at where got boring?
Awww your dotter veri cute ler, so sweet like you lidat.

Constance said...

hey how did yr girls do in the exam? my girls not in grade 1 yet so she only got a cert.

i kept asking her if she likes it many times cos i cannot decide to let her continue or not. she has so many things with school, enrichment and tuition. its either go or no go. she does better in piano but she says she loves ballet... so if she wants, i'll be getting her new pairs of shoes and those new leotards. all not cheap so must make up her mind quickly..