April 20, 2008

Secret Recipe Treats

My children loves to dine outside at the luxury restaurant so much...they sometimes get bored with my cooking and request me to bring them eating at the restaurant. One of their favourite restaurant is Secret Recipe beside Pizza Hut and McD. Luckily, Alor Star don't have much expensive restaurant here, if not...I sure bankrupt one, hahaha! I was on diet erm,..trying to get rid of my sparetyre..huh!! I want to look more sexy and attractive..lol~

So, I will just turn them down when they suggest me to go to eat outside and yesterday, my lovely sister in law AeiWeen bring them to Secret Recipe for the cakes and I follow them as well. Guess what,..geez~ I break my diet plan..huh!!! I ate a lot ..hahaha~ so, now no rice for me for the following weeks. Just soup and fruits, see if I can stand it for how long...
eating her favourite *Chocolate Indulgence* (i find this cake too sweet,..)
AeiWeen feeding my nephew Xhe Zhe (no AeiWeen pic because she sitting beside me)
Cheese and Chicken Lasagne (this is yummy!!)
half eaten Chocolate Indulgence cake
Xin Nin is busy eating the lasagne
Jou Nin busy eating too..lol~

We (2 adult & 3 kids) order 2 lasagne, 2 chicken spagetti, 1 kid's burger set, 1 chocolate indulgence cake and 1 oreo cheese cake. Xin Nin can really eat and she finished almost one plate of spagetti, some lasagne, half of the chocolate cake, 2 mini burgers and some fries. I'm worry she will become a "tua pui poh" in future. Jou Nin always eat only small portion of food.

Although she is the older sister but, her size are smaller than Xin Nin and I always encourage her to eat more. My son didn't join us because he got tuition and we just pack the spagetti for him. I want to thank AeiWeen for treating this wonderful meal and we really have great time there, especially the kids.



Joze Foo said...

ooh...i love lasagna but never knew that Secret Recipe had the good one...will try it one day!

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jepunlauee said...

wow,so yummy..makes my saliva dripping ..keke..
When I was your age ,I too was very worried about my weight,but now at this age(old),I worry what I missed not eating...fat also never mind la,sudah lau ee lioa...kekekekekeke...

KinokoLand said...

wah...i love eating out so much,over here in Japan is expensive,tak boleh tahan. enjoy your childrens picture too,and i notice XinNin looks more like your sister-in-law.