April 03, 2008

  • After back for one week (25/3) my hubby going back to work in Hanoi tomorrow. He left by flight to KL today.
  • I've been busy this few days,..apart from the usual stuff I help my hubby to pack his luggage.
  • I've started using Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo to wash my hair. My sister in law told me, using baby shampoo to wash hair can prevent hair from thinning and our scalp will be healthier. Baby shampoo are more delicate and are made for baby delicate skin. I don't know how true is this...but I'll share with you all the result after at least one month. I love it's smell...got BB smells ^^
  • My princess will have their ballet exam on 9th April. Good Luck dear, just relax and be confident ya !!
  • Ya, I started to give tuition to my youngest princess,..she likes me to teach her and hv me by her side when she's doing her homework. I'll try my best to guide her and teach her. She is smart girl but just very lazy...after I teach her, her spelling and ejaan improves a lot..not bad ya?? hehe... off to bed now, take care ya all ~~

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jepunlauee said...

wah..your hubby so fast returned to hanoi liao ah?...You are going to miss him again...but dun worry we all all here to keep you company..hehe..so drop by to chat with us when you are free..