April 13, 2008

To Stay Beautiful Is Very Important

I believe every woman must feel & look at their best no matter how old they are, right??... I love to look at my best all the time. I do believe we should never neglected our look even though after married, becoming a mother or getting old. There is always beautiful mommy and gorgeous granny, right?? LOL... I've meet few of my ex-schoolmates and some of my girlfriends that's totally look different now. They've neglected themselves, beside put on a lot of weight, they look much older than their real age uh huh!!.. Girls, please look after yourselves and stay pretty all the time !!! hahaha~

Today I'm going to share the things that I use daily...which I think really will help most of the ladies look beautiful and boost our confidence beside taking health products, healthy food and exercise. Here we go to know more about me >>>
A beautiful day starts with a beautiful smile !
* my tooth brush + tooth paste * * my cleanser and make-up remover *
* lip + eye make-up remover * (use this to remove my waterproof maskara)
K-Link Beauty Soap (morning)
Dr. Renaud Mousse Cleanser (for deeper cleaning at night)
most important * sunblock * (i need SPF50) * spot corrector * (use this on my face spots and freckles)
*eye contour lifting serum & correcting serum for lines, wrinkles, age spots *
(it does wonders ... love it !!)

* shiseido stick concealer and press powder *

*my lipsticks collection *

*lip glosses *

* eye-shadows * (i didn't apply it everyday...it depends on my mood)

* eye liners and maskaras * (this is a must, i can't do without this !)

lifting foundation SPF15 (use it when I need a full make-up)

* blusher * (seldom use, will use this when I travel to cooler country..hehe~)

I like to smell good too...I'll spray my fav. perfumes before I went out. I like perfumes that smells yummy and sweet. Something that's not too strong and smells feminine. Below are some of my favourite. I use to have the Ocean Pacific ~ Opps Juice! which smells real nice and I've finished it... it smells really like some fruit juice..hehe !!

my fav. Anna Sui

* Red Delicious * - pressie for my birthday last year


more about my hair and body care soon...stay tune~



Amy Cheah said...

Hey, i like the perfume bottles (the Anna Sui one).

Apple said...

Haha..that is really a lot of things to apply. I just make sure my face is clean and I don't wear makeup. Only sometimes apply eye shadow and lip gloss, much depends on mood. Wear perfume once in a while.

Recently feel want to have gothic makeup, any idea or tips to share?

BeverLy's Secret said...

you are right!!
Let's Gambate!!