September 04, 2010

What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Well, I think most of us sure got our most embarrass time. Just to share a story of a silly girl with all of you here. There is one time, long time ago... Here the story goes, I don't know in other country but Malaysia when there is Chinese New Year approaching there will be Pasar Malam "Night Market" everywhere. The story starts with this girl, although she doesn't really wanted to buy anything but she just wanted to join the crowd and go to the night market. It's very crowded with people especially with CNY just around the corner... As usual, she just walk around and have a look at the stuff sold there. Meet with some of her friends and sembang- sembang a bit, then buying some food to eat as well.

She didn't notice anything wrong until she wanted to try on one new sandal at a stall selling shoes. my horror, I was wearing 2 different slipper each on my foot. Right the black colour slippers and left foot is a red one. 2 different colour and design slipper... OMG!! That girl is ME !!! hahaha.. How embarrass I am at that time. I just want to dig a hole and hide inside. I hope no one notice what I've been wearing on my foot at the time. Oh gosh, how can this happened?? How silly am I ???

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jepunlauee said...

yes,I agree bthat was embrassing..
me too have once an encounter like you..went one a date with my BF,makan "ju hu eng cai"..together with him,but I forget to wipe my mouth,after makan kept holding his hands..notice that many people is looking at me...until he turn n tell me that my mouth is covered with "tee cheong(sauce) malu nia..