September 15, 2010

What I get for myself today..!!

Look at what I got for myself today. Cook books again, let me tell you my house will soon buried by the recipes books haha!! Each and every time when I visited a bookstores or newspaper stand at the road side, I will surely look out for books about cooking, baking or photography. I can spent hours there just to flip over all the pages and read it without realize the time I spent to read it. I like to buy recipe books & I have quite a hug collection of it. I will try out the recipe one by one when I'm free. I bought 3 recipes book which cost me RM50 today...I'm so happy!!

Below are the 3 recipe books I got today...

I will buy this Famous Cuisine cookery magazine each month. It was a nice book that talk about cooking & baking. They shared fabulous recipes too.. :D


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