September 15, 2010

Some Story To Share...

After a long school & Raya holidays, yesterday was the first schooling day for my 2 princess. Actually I don't even spent it going anywhere, just stay home & continue with my off-day for me - poor me..!! :( My brother travelled back from Penang with his wifey & baby. All of us staying under one roof. When all of the kids getting together, there starts all the noise..., they argued & fighting with each other every single second. Omg, really test my patience ... :) They keep on complain me for not bring them out to other place for holiday. Ya, I's been quite a long time I didn't bring them anywhere farer than Alor Star town ...hahaa!! My bad, my bad... but when think of them quarreling all the way when I was driving, fuh,.. I prefer just to stay home and online ... I feel stress just thinking about that ~~

Yesterday was the first school day for my 2 princess. After holidaying for such a long time 3 of us don't even to bother when the alarm clock ringing that morning.. I was awake when the alarm ring on 6am but con't to close my eyes and cover myself under my thick blanket to nap. In my heart, "ai,..still early la..nap a while ok one!! " hahaa... 3 of us end-up wake up at 6.30am.. omg!! we are going to late.!! Blame me ~ But, we manage to get into car to school just in time. mama (proud) :D and.... u guess what happened next??

As usual, I will got down the car to help my princess to carry their bags, file and everything before saying to them "妈咪爱你,要小心咯" & give them a kiss on cheek before sending them off. Only that time, I saw my youngest princess she wearing just slippers on her foot!!! In rush, she got into the car with just her slippers??? "Stress or not!!"" She then show me her innocent so "kelian" How can I scold her when seeing her so worry and scare? then how?? I came with an idea, put a plaster on her toe. And ask her to lie her headmaster, teachers & friends says she injured her toe when cycling... very bad hor?? We have to tell lies at times also...aren't we? Life is stress all the time...

p/s : This morning she forget her pencil case pulak!!! and, insist me to send it to her... Stress or not???


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