September 14, 2010

Together Let's Explore ...

LV, Gucci, Chanel?? I can't afford & not my cup of tea also. I don't think in my life I will ever spent few thousands RM just for a handbag, that's not me!! There must be something went wrong if you saw me carrying a branded bag.. lol

After few of my friends sharing a post like this before. I'm going to share mine today. This is actually part of girls secret and they always said, u can tell one's person personality by just check out her handbag :P

Let's start with the handbag I'm carrying today. Most close friend of mine will know my favorite color is GREEN. Why green..? Maybe, I love just love I always love bags that made from fabric, that can be wash when it's dirty. Now you know how I always dirty my bags ... haha!! Well, this is the type of bags that I will buy and die for :P I have another 2 - one in dark blue and one in orange color of different design but same fabric and brand. Both of it are as cute as this one ..hehe!!

with matching keychain ... cute or not??

Let's see what's inside . . . tada !!! spot few smaller dog dog & cat cat bags in it??

Here is all the stuff in my handbag, I wonder why guys they don't need so much stuff?? Yes, I miss out the sunglass when this picture are taken ..

A must have --- a smaller size compact point and shot camera, get this ready in case we need it at anytime.

Ipod nano, .. can listen to our favorite songs anytime, anywhere..

a smaller doggie bag for storing all my "rubbish" memo pad, mini torchlight, candy, receipts, hairband or sometimes sanitary pads/panty liners... hahaha!!

A pencil case with all the necessary stationary.. nail clipper and ear digger.. pendrive & etc..

here is the stuff in my pencil case...

3 most important stuff that I must carry along when going out.. my wallet, coins purse and mobile phone ..

I love lotus.. and use it as my mobile wall paper also :D

Please share with me what's in your handbag too ...


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