September 10, 2010

Bethel Hill Old Folk's Home

It has been 2 month since I last visit them. Today, finally I found sometime to pay all the 婆婆 there a visit. Normally, I will bring some food for them and today I've buy them "chai kueh", some cream crackers & 3 in 1 spirulina cereal. I'm happy when seeing them smiling when they saw me and keep on thank me for buying them food ... I just feel happy, happy, happy !!

Her name is Ah Yan, she is 65 yrs old already although she is not taller than a 5yrs old children.
She is 82yrs old, so sad I heard that she's been paralysed since last month. Have to sit on wheel chair all the time now... :(

Each time this 婆婆 when saw me, she sure got something to talk but so sad that she is mute...and I end up dunno what she want :(
She asked me to snap her photo.. how cute!! :)
She complained to me that both her leg feels pain ... I just can help her to massage a bit and I hope that might help her to ease her pain ...
From her face, I know she is sad.... I know ... :(
Aren't they the group of people that need our love and care???

婆婆唱歌 。。好听!!

Makan time...

All enjoying their food ... :D

If you have time, why not pay them a visit too??


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