September 05, 2010

If You Were Me....

Yes, talking about embarass stuff. There is one time when I go shopping at Alor Star was very crowded that day because a singer from Taiwan is going to perform and promote her new CD. Just part of I'm too free, I too join the crowd and waited for the singer to sing.

After standing there for 15-20mins, I saw a old auntie which have wore her blouse the other way side out (terbalik) and she didn't even notice it. I can see very clearly the brand tag at the back of her blouse and I wonder why a man, suppose to be her husband who is standing just behind him didn't even notice that??

If you were me, will u point out to the lady and tell her, "Auntie,,.. lu cheng toh peng sa liao"!!! and ask her to go and change it??? In my heart, I really wanted to inform her but maybe in the lower voice when nobody listen to us but, I know she wanted to listen to singer from Taiwan wor.. I just pretend like other people there...didn't see anything.. MY BAD!! Sorry ya, auntie!!

p/s: She will sure feels embarass if I point it out right??? :D


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