April 23, 2008

Long Neck Beauty

Dear friends,

I'll be in Jakarta, Indonesia from 25th-28th April and might not be able to update my BLOG when I was there,....more pictures and stories to share when I'm BACK~

Some shots I took when I visit the Long Neck Hilltribe Village Chiangrai, North Thailand - Nov, last year.
desaturate the pic to bring out the feel ..
come on, guess the weight of the rings around her neck...
they have on hands and legs too..
add contrast to bring out the color..
this pic is a bit under... i need a speedlite!!~

April 20, 2008

Secret Recipe Treats

My children loves to dine outside at the luxury restaurant so much...they sometimes get bored with my cooking and request me to bring them eating at the restaurant. One of their favourite restaurant is Secret Recipe beside Pizza Hut and McD. Luckily, Alor Star don't have much expensive restaurant here, if not...I sure bankrupt one, hahaha! I was on diet erm,..trying to get rid of my sparetyre..huh!! I want to look more sexy and attractive..lol~

So, I will just turn them down when they suggest me to go to eat outside and yesterday, my lovely sister in law AeiWeen bring them to Secret Recipe for the cakes and I follow them as well. Guess what,..geez~ I break my diet plan..huh!!! I ate a lot ..hahaha~ so, now no rice for me for the following weeks. Just soup and fruits, see if I can stand it for how long...
eating her favourite *Chocolate Indulgence* (i find this cake too sweet,..)
AeiWeen feeding my nephew Xhe Zhe (no AeiWeen pic because she sitting beside me)
Cheese and Chicken Lasagne (this is yummy!!)
half eaten Chocolate Indulgence cake
Xin Nin is busy eating the lasagne
Jou Nin busy eating too..lol~

We (2 adult & 3 kids) order 2 lasagne, 2 chicken spagetti, 1 kid's burger set, 1 chocolate indulgence cake and 1 oreo cheese cake. Xin Nin can really eat and she finished almost one plate of spagetti, some lasagne, half of the chocolate cake, 2 mini burgers and some fries. I'm worry she will become a "tua pui poh" in future. Jou Nin always eat only small portion of food.

Although she is the older sister but, her size are smaller than Xin Nin and I always encourage her to eat more. My son didn't join us because he got tuition and we just pack the spagetti for him. I want to thank AeiWeen for treating this wonderful meal and we really have great time there, especially the kids.


April 18, 2008

Nutella Frosted Cupcakes..

After viewing this Nutella cupcakes in Beverly's Blog and it looks so yummy... my princess request me to bake this for them too. Beverly baked for her darling and I baked this for my kids..lol~ That's the different between a single and a married gal. I try out this cupcakes recipe and it's easy. All of you should try this and it taste heavenly although they don't look pretty just like what Beverly says in her blog. I love it so much...not too sweet and just nice.

the batter is ready ^.^
does it look like ice-cream?
in the oven ... my cupcakes are on the way ^.^
mmm..I can smell the cupcakes already
*Nutella Frosted Cupcakes*
want to have some??
Nutella and the cupcake

For recipe click HERE ~

April 17, 2008

Nissan Pivo2

Super duper cute car Nissan Pivo2. I wonder will all of us drive this kind of car in future? Just imagine that all of us are driving this colourful cute car on highway...mmm, that'll be cute right? Some picture of this cute car when it's displayed at one of the Tokyo Car Show. I just love it's design.

look at wheel, can move horizontally and vertically too?

mmm, where is the pretty model for this car???

Nissan Pivo2

the steering ...COOL~

front view
ya, with the pretty model driver
one seat only?

April 15, 2008

Why? How?

Kids due to their curiousity, they’ll ask just anything and everything from me, sometimes till I dunno how to answer them. Some of their questions are just too ridiculous like "Mom, how you give birth?", "How the baby came out?" How this,.. and how that...

It’s just like the other day when I went shopping for grocery stuff with my 3 monkeys. I was at the sanitary pad department to check out the Kotex. I look all over for the one that suited me and my youngest daughter suddenly ask me, “Mommy,..what is this?” and… I very spontaneuosly reply her, “This is my diapers” Guess what? She laugh at me said, “Yee..mommy so old already still wears pamper (baby diapers)” omg,..so loud that all the people there can hear it. Then after back home she continue to ask “Mommy, why your pamper’s size so small?”, "How you wear it?” etc.. etc.. pening ~

Somemore I have 3 at home. They really keep me busy all the time with their stuff and keep me accompany all the time. Everyday, I'll to listen to their stories and complain. Attend to their need, apart from sending them here and there. I don’t how would it be like when they are all grown up and leaving me ~sob* Maybe that’s the time when I can go travel and doing all my stuff without worrying about them. Yesterday night before sleep I discuss with them what I’m going to cook today. All of them agree that I just cook them fried noodles. They love noodles more than rice. Easy right??


April 14, 2008

Some Facts To Share

To stay healthy is as equal important than anything else. Good health are always important and I would like to share here some facts that I found very useful about cancer by John Hopkins.

Please spare 5 mins to read this...


1. Every person has cancer cells in the body.These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells because they have not reached the detectable size.

2. Cancer cells occur between 6 to more than 10 times in a person's lifetime.

3. When the person's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and prevented from multiplying and forming tumors.

4. When a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to genetic, environmental, food and lifestyle factors.

5. To overcome the multiple nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the immune system.

6. Chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly growing cancer cells and also destroys rapidly-growing healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastro-intestinal tract etc, and can cause organ damage, like liver, kidneys, heart, lungs etc.

7. Radiation while destroying cancer cells also burns, scars and damages healthy cells, tissues and organs.

8. Initial treatment with chemotherapy and radiation will often reduce tumor size. However prolonged use of chemotherapy and radiation do not result in more tumor destruction.

9. When the body has too much toxic burden from chemotherapy and radiation the immune system is either compromised or destroyed, hence the person can succumb to various kinds of infections and complications.

10. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause cancer cells to mutate and become resistant and difficult to destroy. Surgery can also cause cancer cells to spread to other sites. 11. An effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it with the foods it needs to multiply.


a. Sugar, is a cancer-feeder.
By cutting off sugar it cuts off one important food supply to the cancer cells. Sugar substitutes like Nutrasweet, Equal, Spoonful, etc are made with Aspartame and it is harmful. A better natural substitute would be Manuka honey or molasses but only in very small amounts. Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in colour. Better alternative is Bragg's aminos or sea salt. ( THE WEST MADE US 2 CHANGE FROM SEA 2 WHITE IODISED SALT )

b. Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus . By cutting off milk and substituting with unsweetened soya milk cancer cells are being starved.

c. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment.
A meat-based diet is acidic and it is best to eat fish, and a little chicken rather than beef or pork. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, which are all harmful,especially to people with cancer.

d. A diet made of 80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an alkaline environment. About 20% can be from cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular levels within 15 minutes to nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells. To obtain live enzymes for building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables including bean sprouts) and eat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C).

e. Avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer-fighting properties. Water- best to drink purified water, or filtered, to avoid known toxins and heavy metals in tap water. Distilled water is acidic, avoid it.

12. Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines become putrified and leads to more toxic build up.

13. Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from or eating less meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body's killer cells to destroy the cancer cells.

14. Some supplements build up the immune system (IP6, Flor ssence, Essiac, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, EFAs etc.) to enable the body's own killer cells to destroy cancer cells. Other supplements like vitamin E are known to cause apoptosis, or programmed cell death, the body's normal method of disposing of damaged, unwanted, or unneeded cells.

15. Cancer is a disease of the mind,body, and spirit. A proactive and positive spirit will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Anger, un forgiveness and bitterness put the body into a stressful and acidic environment. Learn to have a loving and forgiving spirit. Learn to relax and enjoy life.

16. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Exercising daily, and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level. Oxygen therapy is another means employed to destroy cancer cells.


1. No plastic containers in micro.

2. No water bottles in freezer.

3. No plastic wrap in microwave.

Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as well. Dioxin chemicals causes cancer, especially breast cancer.

Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Don't freeze your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic. Recently, Dr. Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital was on a TV program to explain this health hazard.

He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us. He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers. This especially applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body.

Instead, he recommends using glass, such as CorningWare, Pyrex or ceramic containers for heating food.

You get the same results, only without the dioxin. So such things as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn't bad but you don't know what is in the paper. It's just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc. He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam containers to paper. The dioxin problem is one of the reasons.

Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over foods to be cooked in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food. Cover food with a paper towel instead.

Live Our Life To The Fullest and Stay Healthy ! . . .

April 13, 2008

To Stay Beautiful Is Very Important

I believe every woman must feel & look at their best no matter how old they are, right??... I love to look at my best all the time. I do believe we should never neglected our look even though after married, becoming a mother or getting old. There is always beautiful mommy and gorgeous granny, right?? LOL... I've meet few of my ex-schoolmates and some of my girlfriends that's totally look different now. They've neglected themselves, beside put on a lot of weight, they look much older than their real age uh huh!!.. Girls, please look after yourselves and stay pretty all the time !!! hahaha~

Today I'm going to share the things that I use daily...which I think really will help most of the ladies look beautiful and boost our confidence beside taking health products, healthy food and exercise. Here we go to know more about me >>>
A beautiful day starts with a beautiful smile !
* my tooth brush + tooth paste * * my cleanser and make-up remover *
* lip + eye make-up remover * (use this to remove my waterproof maskara)
K-Link Beauty Soap (morning)
Dr. Renaud Mousse Cleanser (for deeper cleaning at night)
most important * sunblock * (i need SPF50) * spot corrector * (use this on my face spots and freckles)
*eye contour lifting serum & correcting serum for lines, wrinkles, age spots *
(it does wonders ... love it !!)

* shiseido stick concealer and press powder *

*my lipsticks collection *

*lip glosses *

* eye-shadows * (i didn't apply it everyday...it depends on my mood)

* eye liners and maskaras * (this is a must, i can't do without this !)

lifting foundation SPF15 (use it when I need a full make-up)

* blusher * (seldom use, will use this when I travel to cooler country..hehe~)

I like to smell good too...I'll spray my fav. perfumes before I went out. I like perfumes that smells yummy and sweet. Something that's not too strong and smells feminine. Below are some of my favourite. I use to have the Ocean Pacific ~ Opps Juice! which smells real nice and I've finished it... it smells really like some fruit juice..hehe !!

my fav. Anna Sui

* Red Delicious * - pressie for my birthday last year


more about my hair and body care soon...stay tune~


April 11, 2008

New House For Rolex

Alor Star school days is from Sunday to Thursday and our off day is on Friday and Saturday. Today I don't have to sent my kids to school and I can sleep a bit late. Somehow I still have to sent my 2 daughters to their ballet class on 10pm.

I bath my doggie today after sent my princess to their ballet class. My elder princess (Jounin) are in Gred 2 and the younger princess (Xinnin) are in Gred 1 now. I bring my son to the Pet Shop today. Apart from to have a look at the cute puppies there, I want to buy some snack for Rolex.

Guess what..., lol~ we end up buy this small cute dog house for Rolex. Actually I want the pink colour but the smallest size ald 'SOLD OUT'!! This dog house came in 3 size, small-medium-large. Rolex just need the small one and they only have blue colour left. The other 2 colour Red and Pink ald sold out. All the while Rolex just sleep on the floor. We give her a towel and she'll sleep on it.

I also bought for her 2 doggie t-shirt in Yellow and Black & White. I will snap the pictures to show you all when she wears it. She looks cute when wearing it. Due to the warm weather, my house air-cond are on all the time and the clothes will keep her warm. Now, Rolex got all together 6 shirt. Red Sailor shirt, Green Army singlet, Blue t-shirt, Orange, yellow & green stripes singlet, Yellow with green trim football t-shirt (new) and White with black and white stripes sleeves t-shirt (new)

Sometimes it is hard to get shirt of her size. She wears the smallest one, normally are specially made for the Chi Wa Wa's dog. I'll buy for her if I see the nice one ^.^

Rolex sleeping in her new house
I wake her up to snap pictures
blurr..blurr..who wake me up?? ^.^
lazying on the sofa
anyone want to bring me for a walk?... I'm BORINGG ~

Ya, my house streamyx have been real slow this few days and sometimes I'm not able to online at all. I just hate that...huh!!!~ Last night I'm not able to blog and I can't upload even a picture here. I've make the report twice and till now no one came to check the line at all...geez!!

Tonight rains again, will sure have a good sleep tonight. I like raining especially at night.