January 18, 2009

Vietnamese Food - "Bun Ca"

Again it's a backdated post on my Hanoi trip last December. Most of the best food in Hanoi can be only be found at their roadside stalls. The price are cheaper too when compare with the food sold at the restaurant. Let me introduce this "Bun Ca" (it was pronounce as "Boon Cha") to all of you. It was actually grilled pork in soup and to be eaten with their rice noodles. The soup taste a bit sweet and sour, mmm..it's really different with the soup we have in Malaysia.
This is "Bun Ca"
My son waiting for his noodles to be served.
This is how the "Bun Ca" pork was grilled outside the shop.
" Bun Ca" this is yummy. The grilled pork.
Add the rice noodles in the soup.
This is how the stall look like.
Besides Bun Ca, they also sell this noodles soup with fishcakes and this special vege.
My son enjoying the noodle soup.
My daughter ordered egg noodles soup
Her noodles is without vege one ^ ^
This is the chairs and tables there. The place are quite dirty...mmm, just closed one eye and eat...hahaha~~

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Johnny Ong said...

at least the eatery stall is clean