January 07, 2009

Vietnam Special Fruit - Vu Sua

On our one month stay in Hanoi, we get to tried out not only many different Vietnamese dishes but also many different kind of fruits there. Today, let introduce this special fruits which is originally from Ho Chi Minh city to all of you. This round green coloured fruit are called "Vu Sua" in Vietnamese language which means "squeeze breast" ~ lol... Let me tell you all why they called it like this.

"Vu Sua"
Why this fruit are so special ??? Before we eat, we have to slowly press the fruit until it's soft. It takes few minutes to press it. My daughter enjoy squeeze the fruit. She just loved it!

When the fruit started to turn soft you can see some milky solution coming out ...
How to eat this fruit???
This milk look alike juice taste real sweet .... how to eat this??? lol ~
Easy,...just suck the milky juice first.
After finished drink the juice of this fruit, cut the fruit into half and eat it's flesh.
Soft & juice flesh are to be eaten with spoon.

Don't missed out this "Vu Sua" when you are to visit Vietnam in future okay. It's cheap too.



reanaclaire said...

aiyah.. i should hv tasted that fruit when i went to ho chi minh last year.. ok, i try to go again this year..haha.. actually that place i like..esp the shopping at the ben tanh market.. do u hv any other suggestions since u r there for some time already?

jepunlauee said...

hey,how it taste like,I know you say sweet..but does it taste like our castard apple(nona)?

Adrian & Aeiween said...

Haha yeah i tried it before~~~ it taste sweet and juicy.. but i didnt cut and eat inside. i just drank so juice only... aii what a waste for me!!!! x_x"

TINTIN said...

JLE: Yes, the texture of it's flesh are a bit same like the "buah nona" but it tasted totally different. The juice of this Vu Sua is sweet, milky and thick...a bit like milk. I dont know how to describe it here..make sure u try it if you visit Vietnam in future ok!

kinokoland said...

wow this is something new to me too, have no idea how it taste like. i am very curious now :)

just apple said...

omg that Vu Sua seems so cute...never try it before..i must try it someday...>< courier one to my house! :P

katie said...

You got very nice pictures of it! Lol, I never actually tried it but heard of it. I gotta go back to Vietnam one of these days and try one.

Minh said...

Vu Sua means "breast milk". I speak Vietnamese fluently and I think that would be a more accurate translation.

I'm craving that right now. But I'm also craving Loquats and Jackfruit.