January 18, 2009


Crystals has become part of my life. Guess what?? I got my very first crystal bracelet when I was pregnant with my first baby 12 years ago. At that time, I was just attracted with the colourful and shining beads. I bought it and wore them without knowing it's benefit and power. From time to time, with my frequent visit to the crystal shop. I've grown to love crystals so much. I search in the internet and read the information about crystals and semi-precious stones healing power. Each time when I go overseas, one things that will attract me is the crystals. In this 12 years time, I also got myself quite a big crystal collection. From the cheap to the pricey one and from the tiny beads to the big one ~ lol Today let me share some of my favourite one here.

My most pricey Citrine bracelet which cost me around RM500++. Expensive right? with this price we can get a gold bracelet already and I bought this 6yrs ago. What make this bracelet so expensive is the beads cutting. Very shining !! I add 4 small Citrine apple pendants on it too.
Rose Quartz bracelet - I have several Rose Quartz bracelets but this one is my all time favourite. Why??? I just love it simple, it's colour, very soft pink & it's very shining~
Ametyst + Citrine - One of my favourite bracelets. I love the rectanguler shapes Ametyst crystals which I found them unique.
Clear Quartz Crystal - my favourite. This crystals nevers simply goes outdated. Wearing this crystal for good "chi" & good health. I always think bigger beads will give us more power~lol.. Only RM60 - 3yrs ago
I've grown to love round shapes crystals lately...not much shapes and mixed stones for my bracelets now.
Quantum Quartz - This is the clear crystal with some tiny greenish & brownish dots inside. This quantum quartz helps when we need a better career life, those who owned business or to promotes wealth. It cost me around RM300++ for this bracelet. I bought it 5 yrs ago.
Actually crystals will follow the "chi" from our body. I found that the longer I wear them, the shinier they have become. Don't forget to clean them after you attend the funeral or when you feels you are "suey".
Ya, here is my crystals pendant collection. The blue coloured pendant there is Lapis Lazuli which are benefit to those who have throat problems like tyroid. The Reddish heart shape one is for love relationship & sex~lol. For all the girls who are single, it will help on your love relationship. For the married girls, it's helps us to get more love from our husband. After bought this home, we just have to ask our husband to put this pendant for us for the first time.
This is not all of my bracelets. It's only part of my favourite collection ^^

How to cleanse the crystals?

Hold our crystal on the right hand and put it under the cold running tap water. In our heart think of the bad thing go away. After 10 minutes dry the crystals with clean cloth and put then in a bowl and let them dry under the sun for 30 minutes. After that, the crystal is fully charged and we can wear it again. Easy right?? lol

Another ways is, we can wrapped the crystals in a clean cloth and buried them into the earth for 24 hrs. The earth mineral can cleanse the crystals too. It's very easy too.
P/S: Remove all our crystals before we take shower & before we washing the plates. Avoid them from the soap and oily stuff.



Yih Yann said...

I like crystals too and those bling bling items :)
anyway...how to put this cny in the blog?which program r u using?

jepunlauee said...

wah...so many nice crystals....I love them..