January 06, 2009

Home Cooked Food ~

It has been quite sometime that I didn't cook for my kids. Since my indonesian maid finished her working contract with me on June 2008. I've been busy with the housework and sending my kids to tuition/school everyday. Last year 2 of my kids are in the morning class and 1 of them are in the afternoon class. Can you imagine that??? I have to sent them to tuition class in the afternoon and at night time too and it's almost everyday ~ *faint*

But this year.... yipee!!! All of them are now in morning class. After some conversation with my friend we came out with this idea that she sent my kids to school and I fetch her kids after school. Ya, we car polled to safe time & petrol ~hehe!! Now, I've more time to finish my housework and cook for my kids. They all love my cooking very much. All this while, my mom have been cooked for us and I think now it's my turn to cook for her in return ^.^

Since my dad & mom are now in Penang to attend a relative wedding. Today I just cook this simple dishes for my kids & myself ... just 4 of us ~~
Stir-fried vege with fishballs, fishcakes & prawns
Fried "Chai Por" eggs with prawn
"Sai Yong Choi" soup

Simple & yummy!!


Kuntong said...

yup...tat is a good idea to car pool.

Adrian & Aeiween said...

yeah even is simple and yummy!!!! ahhhh i miss your food my dear!! i miss the ABC soup from you! and also the Mee Hoon Kuey from you!!! ahhh when i back cook for me ya!!! :p

Johnny Ong said...

sai yong choi soup - my fav

aussieahchee said...

Looking at yr homecook meal really makes me feel so homesick. I do reackon homecook meal is the best just like mama use to make!!!!