September 10, 2009

UPSR - Ends!

Finally, my son have his last paper on Ujian Aptitud today from 2.15pm - 3.45pm and when I ask him "How is the exam??, ok ma?" This 3 days he just keep on telling me, ok ok ok!! Is this the good sign? I don't know if he will surprised me with straight 'As' result but I do hope he can score 7As and let me be a proud mommy of him...hehehe!!

So far, from one month until one week before the exam. He just relax and still watching TV and play games..huh!! No matter how I nagged him to study, he just reading magazine or comic books. Until the day before UPSR, he still want to watch TV. He don't feel the stress at all and the one who worry and stress is me! lol~ His worst subject is Bahasa Cina which he always failed to get an A in the exam ... huh!! Most of the students from chinese primary afraid of Bahasa Malaysia or English subject, but my son he is totally opposite.. his worst subject is Bahasa Cina and it's one of the hardest subject to learn.

Now the UPSR has end and it's time for us, mom and son to enjoy !!! lol



Yih Yann said...

My colleague even purposely to on leave to fight with her son for this UPSR. Nowadays the world is different...last time my mom and dad not even care but I got straight As :D

Adrian & Aeiween said...

HAHA true also now son and mommy must go have enjoy! =)

Merryn said...

Yeay Yeay! Release all the tension dy! :)

Johnny Ong said...

my son gives the same answer also