September 13, 2009

I Used To Like This Too!!

I have a good chat with a friend of mine and we both recall back our childhood days. Talking about kids nowadays, their time are either spent at school, tuition classes or the curicullum activities. On school holidays, they will spent most of their time to online, play games or watching TV. Their childhood time are so much different with ours. Last time we don't have much luxury toys to play but I can say that, my childhood time are full of sweet memories. We can have fun with just some simple stuff. Stuff that we can get it for free anytime and anywhere.
I used to play 7 stones with my neighbour's kids. We use to play marbles too I still remember they sold it for 5 marbles for 5 cents. The other famous stuff we played is "ZERO POINT" hahaha... know what is that? Jumping with our DIY rubber string and we could have many different pattern to jump it and can even dance with it. And the paper dolls, I piece of the paper dolls complete with many different kinds of clothes, bags and hats only cost us 5cents. I will design and draw some new clothes for my dolls as well. We also playing with the erasers, cartoon paper card, rubber band etc.. Ya, I like to play masak-masak with my friends too and play "pai kha" jumping with one leg and catch whoever u see. That's so much fun!!

and ... I USED TO LOVE THIS TOO !!! Blowing the balloon as big as we can and pop it on our own face, look like we are wearing the plastic mask...hahaha!!! ~~ silly me!

I bought this for my daughters and they too enjoy blowing the balloon so much.

P/S: I miss those days when I was running outside the house bare foot and playing with a group of friends. Oh ya!! we like to catch fish at the big drain outside my house too!!! jia lat~

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