September 13, 2009

For My 2 Princess

Tada .... look at what I discover while I buy food at the market this morning. Lately, due to bad economy, I have changed my spending habit for the last 2 years. I tried to control myself from over spending on the unnecessary stuff (save for rainy days!!!, good leh?) But, this morning when I first laid my eyes on those dress!!!, children's clothes are one of my fav. items... I just can't control myself and bought THIS for my princess. They have grown up a lot and their clothes almost cannot fit them anymore. I always think that, arhhh...just wait another few months and only I buy them clothes and they can wear it for CNY as well. But this time I really cannot "tahan" ..!!!! But one thing for sure,... I have bought this clothes 2 size BIGGER and I think this will last them for at least 2 years (mmm,... by then I think it WORTH the price liao ~ hehehe!)

Pink Teddy Bear Blouse/Dress, it can be wear as dress or blouse match with leggings - RM28 for my elder princess. Suits her feminine character.
Grey Piggy Dress/Blouse - RM28 for my younger princess, suits her active and sporty character.
All cost me RM56 - huhuhu!!! =.="



Agnes said...

Nice clothes!! I bought lots of clothes for my kids too during my summer holiday in KL.

kenwooi said...

cute outfit =)