September 13, 2009

My Boy Is Not A Baby Anymore....

I was busy cleaning my house's cupboards and kitchen cabinet last week. When I take out all the photo albums, last time I was using the camera using film which requires me to develop all the pictures and place them in the album. Actually cleaning the cupboard is not that tough, but I always wasting my time to flipped over all the pictures - the pictures when my 3 kids are still small (omg, they are just adorable) and starts to think back the time when they are still baby .... and I starts to day dreaming ~lol

Now, my eldest baby is 12 yrs old now, I realise that he is not a baby anymore and going step into his teenager life pretty soon. I miss the time when he is still a baby. He will be always my BABY in my heart!! Sometimes when my kids messed up the house or when they quarrel for some toys or food. I wish that they faster grown up and I don't need to take care of them anymore but just like what Claire said, when they have grown up and leave us one by one... only we will started to miss them so so much. That's life, they will soon leave me one day~ haih!! I wonder what will I do that time?? When one day, I cook and bake alone ... and no one eat, arhhh..that's a nightmare!!

My son now is wearing the Size 5 shoes and that's mean he can now wear my sport shoes eh..!! He got one Size 4 and always complain to me the shoes doesn't fit anymore. Look at the pic above, his shoes is terribly torn already. Since it's almost the last semester of schooling, I told him why not just wear it till this Nov and I just bought him a new pair for next year school reopen.

P/S: Boy, mommy will always stand by your side no matter what and mommy knows you are a good boy. I love you, Xen!!


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