December 16, 2006

Current Mood: Not feeling quite good, very dry lips and bit sore. Not enough sleep (tired)~
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Finally i have seen Zhen. He arrived with Alice on Friday/15 Dec early morning at 3am by taking bus from KL. I can see the rashes on some parts of his body, swelling on his face, knee and around ankle. His fingers swell and he cannot bend it. He is thin and his skin colour look so different a little bit! (sad,sad,sad) Yesterday we(papa,mama,ween,xen,alice,zhen &me) went to Penang visit Uncle Quek with Alice and Zhen. Bring Zhen to see him. We go there around 5pm. According to Lau (Uncle Quek's student), Zhen disease is a KARMA ( ) Alice hv 2 speak more chanting which might help. He ask Zhen to take more vege rather than meat & be a temporary monk for a week. This is few advise given by Lau and I hope miracle will happen after that.. Beside this, we try this PI Water too.. ( ) which is believe can prevent and cure cancer beside the serious skin disease and many other critical illness..Let him drink a lot of PI water...drink as much as he can..and now all my kids too follow him drink and pee, drink and pee...haha! Miracle might happen as long as we've tried our very best..don't give up and fight till de end....yeah!


(pic above fr left: Zhen & my son Xen)

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