December 16, 2006


Today wake up very late around 10.30pm. Very lazy n Boon buy "nasi lemak" for our lunch. Go to the "kuan yin" temple to pray today and "xia tai sui" most chinese will do this before chinese new year approach. Oh yea, i planted white lotus outside my house. New leaves started to came out. When will it flower? LoL... Zhen condition still the same this few days not improved or getting worst and i think that should be good sign...

Tomorrow i will go to Nakorn, Thailand with them to visit Ah Chan A Long (master) to let him see Zhen. Will stay there for 2 nights..(i'm not sure). I will go with Boon and Xen. Really hope to hear some good news there that Ah Chan can cure Zhen disease. Miracle do happen.., i do believe it!

Feels sleepy now,..haha~ maybe i've sleep too much this morning..the more we sleep makes us want to sleep more n more..feels lazy.. Just let me con't the blog after i came back from that time i will have more things to write. Anyway, ..pls. pray for my nephew..he is an obidient and cute boy...BUDDHA BLESS HIM!

huh..i really need a massage..LoL

Good nite!

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