December 13, 2006


I've heard of Blogger long ago but doesn't seem want to create one until today. Aha..i want to down some of my life journey, magical moment of my life; thank Buddha /i'm buddhist/. My life hv been so far so good not much troubles and i was blessed with 3 lovely kids and a loving hubby tho' sometimes we does argue ..LoL! Which couples don't argue ah....! Today i wake up at 9am to sent my youngest princess to school. If not b'coz of sendin her i will hv been sleep till when...huh, i dunno..haha! I slept very late last night..around 4am ermm.., i was trying out all the html stuff,..editting my Hi5 homepage. It was tough as i dun hv any basic at all..i keep on tryin as the time passed...only i realise it's that late..

Our house just painted last week. I was really very busy...all the furniture hv to be moved and my house is so small...LoL! When they paint the living room all da things hv to be moved to the dining for the sofa just cover it with big plastic...the whole house are in the mess and i takes me sometime to arrange and clean it /can u imagine that? / ....the curtain hv to be washed, the windows hv to be cleaned before put back the curtain and much more..and more... i also take sometime to pack all the things that i dun want...old clothes, toys, books & etc to give it to others. Clear all the stuff that i dont want. Today, i didnt so lazy. Just eat bread. My maid fried some french fries for my kids and they eat bread too. This is once a while..normally i will cook for them or buy the food from outside.

I called Alice /my sis-in law/ just now to ask for my nephew conditions. I get to know he was diagnose with JM /Juvenile Dermatomyositis/ last week. He is just 6 yrs old. After reading some homepage in the net i just get to know how serious is this disease. It's a rare disease that only one in 3 million children will diagnose with it. The whole US only 5000 children diagnose with this disease and it was a uncureable disease. Take a look at the homepage and u will know what is't about. We all are so sad but can't change the facts that he was diagnose with this unique disease. I dun know abt this disease until my nephew got it. I dun even heard of it before. My nephew had developed rashes on his elbow, knee and fingers abt a year ago. Alice bring him to see the skin specialist but the rashes still there..thought it was just a normal rashes. We dun know actually it was one of the symptoms of JM. Only after his knee began to swell, Alice bring him to Dr. to check his bone and at the same time know abt this disease. How i wish that the Dr said he is not diagnose with JM and it was some other disease that can be cure. He still hv few lab test to go through before they could confirmed it was a JM.

Alice told me, today there is more symptoms showed. Skins below his eyes swelling as well beside his knee. His fingers joints swell too. His hand is hard not soft like other children. He complains knee pain. Beside the existing rashes at certain parts of his body now he develop some at the back of his neck and both eyes near to his nose. The skin of his eye lids changed colour. ahhhhh..why this happen to him? I really hope he will get well soon. Pray for him.. He has to go through some test before he can take the drugs to control his immune systems..which will hv many side effects. I really hope miracle will happen..he will be cure and come back as a healthy boy as he use to be. Oh...plssssss!!!

It's time to bed ...oh! i'm tired. Need to sleep now.

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