June 08, 2008

Happy Dumpling Festival...^.^

Ho..ho..ho...!! It's 5th day of 5th month in chinese lunar calendar. Have you all eat the dumpling? HAPPY DUMPLING FESTIVAL !!! ya all ~

Dumplings are one of my favourite food...yummy!

"Minced Pork Porridge"

Apart from eating dumpling...(I have 3 dumplings today). I cook minced pork porridge today. I've used white and brown rice, you'll see brown spots in my porridge. The brown rice provided a bite to the porridge. To make things simpler, I just minced some lean pork and tung choy (preserved vegetable) together.
Marinade them with some soy sauce, white pepper, a dash of sesame oil and some cornstarch to bind them together. I add in some carrots and potatoes too as it's my daughter's favourite. We can add in the salted egg too if you like it.


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Constance Chan said...

wah they look so yummy