June 14, 2008

Chicken Noodles served with (Yau Char Kuai)

This is one of the Vietnamese food I try when I was in Hanoi last month. Vietnamese people they eat just everything. One of their main dishes are chicken. After I tried the chicken there, the taste of the chicken are not the same as we have in Malaysia. The chicken in Hanoi taste more like our "ayam kampung". More tasty and chewable...lol

On my one week stay there, I was so lucky to have the locals bring me to try out many special and famous Vietnamese dishes there. Don't be surprised that the Vietnamese people do take dog meat. Umm,.. I dare not try it!! hahaha. As a Buddha follower, I didn't take beef as well. I just try out the chicken and seafood there. Not too bad, although some food I found it to be too oily and salty. They like to use many different kind of sauces with their food.

Chicken Noodles (hawker stall style) this is very nice and I don't feel thirsty after drink the soup..
My lovely model - Aeiween

Hai Anh & Linh - busy eating ... hehe!!
different type of chilies & sauces
their tables and chairs...smaller that our kindergarten school one..
I can see they pray "Kuan Yin" and other decorations on their wall.
Aeiween posing with her noodles


Constance Chan said...

wah... they look good. and also if u say the chicken is tasty and chewable, i could almost taste it in my mouth.. haven't had real kampung chicken for years!

Chobits said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. ^^
Nice to meet you.
Wow, you went to Vietnam Hanoi?
How was it? Enjoy your trip there?
I wanna try the chicken too, Never try chewable chicken before, yummy~ >.<

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jepunlauee said...

yummy..I loves noodles...