November 22, 2010

Her Very First Trip . . . .

My elder princess - Jou Nin was chosen to represented her school Chinese Orchestra group to play Cello at Genting Highland for the International Chinese Orchestra Competition. It was the world ranking competition which was also participated by the candidates/students from as far as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand & etc. She was very excited and happy, getting all her stuff packed as early as few days ago and even ask me to get her a new pair of pink sport shoes just for her journey to Genting Highland. I can see she really look like going to Genting holiday than competition.

Students were asked to pray at school before the journey starts ..

Lining up waiting for the bus to arrive.

This is her first outstation trip alone without me. I'm a bit worry !!

Spotted her new shoes?? Nice ?? :)

Parents with their kids before departure ..

Look at my girl carrying her luggage and stuff ... look like the things are much heavier than her own weight ... :(( I hope she manage to carry it all the way to Genting Highland ..

There is Bus A & Bus B - my princess was in Bus B (PJB9399) the bus with orange color stripes one.

Parents waited the bus to depart before can go home ... They will be in Genting Highland from 22 Nov - 25 Nov 2010.

Jou Nin, mommy miss you already !!! Please take a good care of yourself & have a safe trip ya!