November 14, 2010

Book worms?? or Recipes worms? ...

Most girls would like to spent their time in a beauty salon or shopping. But, I like to visit bookshops & spent hours there to go thru all the books that I like - especially all the recipe books for baking & cooking. I love to flipped over the colorful pages with those yummy pictures of the food in it. Admire the food cooked & steal some idea on how to snap a good foodie pics :) I just can't resist when I saw recipe books, I must flipped to see what's in it.
My very first recipe book was the recipe textbook that I'm using when I'm still in secondary school. I was in the home-science class and every Thursday, we have to bring the ingredients according to the recipe that we need to cook on that day to cook in our school kitchen. I wonder, if there are home-science classes for the form 4 & 5 students now??

I still remember my home-science teacher Mrs Molly Tan screaming & scolding us all the way from start till the end of our cooking class. She is very "garang" & we all so scare of her :( She will even pull our ears if we did anything wrongly ... hehe !! I still can recall her pretty face & screaming voice till now... we have learn a lot of cooking tips from her, Mrs Molly Tan - if u see this, Thank you so much & I miss u !! :p

Yeah, talk about recipe books ... I've really huge collection of good recipe book at home. Some of it are more than 10 yrs ald. I like to flipped on the recipe books when I'm free & from there, I'll come out with the idea on what I want to cook for my family.. At here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my foodie blogger friend - PENNY for present me 3 recipe books when we meet up when I'm in KL. Thank you so much my dear (^.^) !! (Will snap the pictures of the recipe books she gave me to show all of u soon)

For those who knows me, I'm not chinese-educated & dunno chinese ... I'm those who will call us Bananas!!! hahaa... Please PARDON ME?? why u all call the ppl who dunno chinese BANANA?? I didn't look anything like BANANA ok?? & I don't really like yellow color as well .. that's my youngest daughter favourite color, hehe!! Can anyone tell me, why banana??

I always or sometime once a while will blame my mom, for why she didn't sent me to a chinese primary ... I try to learn chinese by myself since younger days .. but till now, I still cannot master it all. Chinese language are the hardest to learn not to mention writing all those weird characters .. I will CRY!! For the reason that I don't know chinese ... I have missed out all those nice chinese language books & novels .. can't read them.. kelian lo!!

Anyway, beside chinese cookbooks & magazines ... here are 2 chinese books that I buy for myself for the very first time ... Just want to learn reading it, not that easy tho.. I think these 2 books will last me 5 yrs to finished them .. ha ha ha ... :)

Both books are very interesting, got help from my daughter 2 read the first chapter for me ald... will ask her to help me again when school holidays starts .. :)

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