October 03, 2009

Mooncake Baby

I'm now at Lam Wah Ee Hospital writing this post while my sister in law was in the labour room battling her life deliver her first baby. She was advise to admit at 11pm last night by her DR. Her actual estimated due date was at 24th Sept (overdue for few days) and since the baby already getting low, she can deliver at anytime. Doctor advise her to admit and deliver her baby.
I take bus from Alor Star to Penang to accompany both my bro and his wife to the hospital. Both of them are first timer and they sure need someone like me... (ehmm,ehm..lol!) to "kee poh" help them out. They both dunno anything about deliver a baby and as well as handle a newborn. I also help on cooking the confinement food for my sis in law for the time she stay in the hospital.
Latest news !!! She still in the labour room now with 4cm opening, still not delivering her baby yet. Ah..when I look at her in pain, it just remain me on when I first time in labour room delivering my son 12 years ago. Still can feel the pain,..ah!! Trauma! ~ lol For the first time mom, who still didn't experience deliver a baby, don't scared when reading my post okay?? I can tell you, it's pain... really pain BUT the pain that we can bear, don't worry ok?? Don't listen too much to what others says. Last time when I have my first baby, I was like blur.. I don't know much and don't even find out from friends how they feel or how the pain??? I just don't know anything and follow Doctor and nurse instruction. Pain, ya it's pain..but bearable one ok!!
I normal deliver all my 3 children and didn't get any Epidural or injections. Once we first laid our eyes on the baby...surprisingly no more pain and really worth the pain, I should said.
I pray for my sis in law will be strong, brave and safely give birth to her baby. To be mommy we have to be strong and brave only we can take care of our baby right? So, Muy Imm...BE STRONG & BRAVE ya!!! Buddha will be by your side to protect you dear!!!

I can't wait to see my Mooncake Festival Day newborn niece too!


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Adrian & Aeiween said...

wah by reading your post make me scare only!!!! haizzz i scare to have baby now! >_<" But then i wish that she can faster come out the baby girl!! Can't wait to see the girl girl~