October 22, 2009

Lovely Cakes...

A friend of mine forward me these pictures of cakes. The title of the email is Tokyo Cake Design Competition. Those was cakes that I wish I can bake one day. I wanted to learn cake dacoration so much but too bad in this small town where I stayed don't have any cake decoration class I can attend. My wish is, I hope one day I can get to attend more cooking or baking class.

Sometimes I will day-dream to own a bakery. Selling the homemade style bread that use healthy ingredients and fresh out of oven bread~ hahaha... I love to bake! I love to see my kids when they enjoy eating my cooking. Luckily, I just love to bake but I don't eat much of my cakes or bread. If not, I bet I will need to take the diet pills to keep me slim.

Great design for wedding occasion.
Oh my! I love this... so so kawaii desu!
For Christmas..
Look at those details!! This doesn't look like a cake.
My daughters they like this bed one..so cute, can be their Barbie Dolls bed lor
Wow, cute!
I love this one too... what a creative designer!
So pretty!
Oh my god! So cute!!! Ween, I dedicate this cake for you. Hope you like it!
mmm,...is this a cake? or... to cute to be eaten leh!
This cake with very nice concept... GLOBE CAKE!
Nice decoration!

I want to dedicate those cake to AeiWeen my super duper lovely sis in-law for her birthday on 24th OCT. I wish her Happy, Healthy & Stay Sweet Forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ween! from all of us here. I represent you Bro Boon, Xen, Jou & Xin wish you also.

From your beloved sis in-law Tin.

p/s: All the above, which cake u like ar??? So many u just pick one lo ...keke!!


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Agnes Sim said...

OMG..it's soo lovely!! I like all the cakes. :p