August 10, 2008

I Love Short Pants !

Staying in a country that's SUMMER for 365days, we don't have the chance to wear all those beautiful winter clothes like sweater, jackets, scarf, boots, legging or hats. I always love all those clothes... *sob* Wearing the simple T-shirts, cotton blouse and jeans ald makes me sweat like hell.. :((

It's really nice to wear those short pants on the hot sunny weather like Malaysia. I hv some collection of short pants and of course this is not the only one I hv... I still have more, more, MORE..hehe~ Snapped some pics of my short pants to share with all of you here ~ lol

Yellow coloured short pants ... this really looks good when we've wear it.

A very comfortable shortpants - the waist line is made of some kind of elastic fabric.

Checked box of white, grey and black coloured. Very stylish one!

Simple cotton short pants - came in bright pink, yellow, blue, black and white colour. I get myself the yellow and blue one.

Jeans short pant - love it's cutting. Very nice!

Back view of the pant.. ^.^



Kuntong said...

should wear and take pics ma.. =P

lor mee (amy cheah) said...

wow !! nice short pants... hey, i guess u like yellow colour ??

Constance Chan said...

nice ler... my younger one will not wear short pants outside.. she thinks it's not pretty enough.. she must have long pants, dresses or skirts only..

Kinoko Land said...

wow your short short pants all looks very sui sui and sexy sexy :) You must a pair of long pretty legs for those short shorts