August 08, 2008

Eh heh ~ uh huh !!

As I promise Kacang to show her my new heels. I love heels. Some of my girlfriends would love to buy dress but for me I like to shopping for heels. I got different colours and design of heels for my collection. But not those branded or expensive one la ~ Last month and this month I've bought quite a few pairs of heels and sandals which is all my favourite. I just can't control myself when I see those heels selling in such a cheap price lol ... So, no more heels for me to the next 3 months.. see if i can control myself lo... (must stop myself from spending money already!!!)

If I hv the same RM200 to be spend on either to get a dress or RM200 to be spend on 7 heels. I will definitely spend it on heels lol.. How about you?? Do you like to collect heels?? ^^

Here you GO... take your own sweet time to admire it and tell me which pair is your favourite??
Navy Blue Pump Heels - simple and comfortable.
This navy blue pump is one of my favourite and it match well with any type of clothes.
- Please pay your full attention to this sandal -
It's my favourite!!!
Green Bling-Bling Plateform Sandal - love it's green colour
and it's very comfortable too.
I never fancy Bling-Bling stuff as I think it will not suits me (my auntie age~lol)
but,.. after I saw this plateform sandal and try it on..straightly I fall in love to it..!

White + Black open-toed heels - I love this!
Very elegant and stylish heels and very comfortable to be wear too!

Dark Brown Wedge Shoes with lovely Ribbon..
A very feminine and classy look wedge shoe and of course it's very comfortable to be wear too.

White wedge sandal with big white ribbon.

I heart this pair of white ribbon.. it's just lovely!
Very comfortable to be wear at anytime.

Bronze coloured 4 inch heels
4 inch heels...very elegant heels!
I always go for the comfortable shoes and heels...same goes to this pair, very elegant and comfortable heels. Goes really good with jeans or dresses.

Tell me which one or types of heels you like. All the above heels are real cheap in price. You won't believe it.. lol~



Kacang Puteh said...

Wah!So Nice lah your shoes all!Just love it!How i wish that all these shoes got my sizelah!Hope next time you can bring me to do shopping ok!Thanks for showing all the shoes pics ya!Muuuuuuuuuuuuaaak!Hehehe...(^=^)

lor mee (amy cheah) said...

All are nice but I most prefer the black+white and the white ribbon one. How much per pair of the shoes ?

TINTIN said...

Ya..the prices for all the shoes are not expensive. Black+white ~ RM30 and White Ribbon one is only RM25.

jepunlauee said...

Hey..I like that green bling bling scandals...nice wor...

lor mee (amy) said...

Tin tin cheap wo, don't tempt me la cos I also gila shoes compared to dresses.
I also got one pair of heel (1") which cost me only RM12 nia leh. U won't believe if u see that shoe wo with this price, cos I asked my friends guess how much, all said is abt RM30 like that. Some even said is RM45... ha ha ha

TINTIN said...

lor mee ~ ya, I prefer buying cheaper one compare to the branded expensive one lor..same money but I can have more shoes to match with my clothes.. lol~

raggedyanne said...

alamak, most of these shoes are my taste oso... huhuhur.. drooling already, but no way my huge ugly feet can fit into those dainty heels!