July 09, 2011

After 6 months of disappearance ..

Just tell me how much you all missed me or miss my blog.  Well, actually I was taking risk that maybe I will not have even one people missed me .. hahaha  Oh well, my dear blogger friends, my friends who friends who have been followed my blog and my fans.  I'm BACK in one piece...still breathing and I'm doing fine all this while.  How can I stop blogging, oh no way..!!!!  I always found PEACE when I blog.  It's a place where I can express out my thinking & feelings, be it the happy one or the sad one.  A place where I can share to all my friends and maybe strangers my happiness or just scold or express out my disappointment or anger etc.  

After stop blogging for a while, I'm now back with a lot of stuff to shared with all of you.  I do miss some of my blogger friends too.  Dear all, I'M BACK!! 



Aeiween said...


BeverLy's Secret said...

Of course we miss you! Welcome back :)

Agnes Sim said...

welcome back!!! ;-)