July 21, 2010

Ribbon Up...

Please pardon me, I know I've abandoned my Blog for such a long period. SORRY!! I've been facing some personal problems which really have affected my entire mood to blog, to cook & etc. Please don't ask me what had happened to me but don't worry as I've got back to my normal self by now and things also started to change drastically. I'm now a happy gal again~lol! Let's forget the unhappy moment which had passed and looking forward for a better tomorrow :)

I truly believe that we keep on learning from our experience. No doubt that we learned as we grown older. We become wiser as we aged. For the past 3 yrs, I've learned a lot about life. Life is not always on the sweet side, sometimes we happened to meet with something bitter unexpectedly and we cannot take it because we are not prepared for it at all and that's life. For the very first time tasting something bitter, we sure cannot stand it right?? but, after sometime I have get use to it :)

Sometime when I think back, actually I was so lucky as I'm not alone and I've friends and my family there who always support me and accompany me. Thank you!!

I must admit that I got one bad habit that I should kick off. Umm, it's not that only one bad habit I've, actually I got dozen of it ~lol I don't wanna talk about the bad habits now. Let me just say out one here. I love to buy stuff that's look cute without think if it's suitable for me or if I'm gonna to use it later. Just like when I saw these ribbon hairclips when I went to the market yesterday, I can't resist and bought it. The first thing came to my mind is, my princess will sure like it... (an excuse for myself.. teehee!!) Oh well, why bought 4 since I only have 2 princess?? At first I only choose one red floral motive and the pink polkadots one but when I saw the blue one, I thought it look nice as well ... um, and I can use it too (another excuse.. :)) ) After that I saw the pink floral motive one quite nice and end up bought 4 of it which cost me RM20. One hairclip is RM5. I think this is how my money keep on disappear from my wallet ...hahaha!!! Most girls weakness I think.. The only way I can really save up my money is, staying at home and don't go anywhere. Here is the pictures of the hairclip I bought... :)

Kawaii right??

This red color floral motive ribbon clip is for me...I don't think I'm still cute enough for the pink color one >.<

My elder daughter she said she want this pink color one .. ^^

Can use it for a ponytail or hairbun... what do u all think?? Is it worth RM5??

P/S: I must start to save more $$$, wish to get myself a new laptop and camera...


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