August 24, 2009

My Second Home - Hanoi !!

From strangers and now we are friends, from friends become family, from a place that is totally unfamiliar now it's like our home. Slowly we grow to love Hanoi. Hubby have been there working for more than one year. It's not a long period but not the short one too and Hanoi will be my choice if I want to go for a holiday. My beloved hubby was there!! Just to share some pictures I took back on my trip to Hanoi on April.

They treat me with this fish when I was there, I don't what it's called but it taste funny to me.
I went there to attend K-Link Vietnam 2nd Anniversary - the entry ticket.
Went to eat my favourite Cha Ca again.
Em Trang - our tour guide, she can speak mandarin and english
Cha Ca
The humble - Khoa, my hubby's driver.

Waiter helped us to cook the Cha Ca
It's eaten with the rice noodles & the sauces - (it's like noodles for our laksa)

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