July 03, 2008

My Maid of 3 yrs & 8 mths - Baniyah . . .

A very big SORRY !!! for keep all of you waiting for my new updates . . .
Baniyah finally finished her 4th year contract with me and decided to went back to her hometown to get married. Her mom had find her a husband and I hope she will be happily married and start her own family soon.

The reason I didn't update my BLOG for so so long is, . . . I hv to do the housework by myself now . . . the first few days I handle the task is really terrible. Imagine that I've stopped doing all this for more than 7 yrs. I get a maid after I give birth to my 2nd daughter so, it really take sometime for me to get back to do all this, hehe !!
Baniyah started to work with us when my youngest daughter was just 3 yrs old. She is the one who took care of my youngest daughter Xin Nin the most. So, when my maid decided to go home . . . Xin Nin is the one who's feels so sad. Baniyah is like her mom other than me. They share secrets out of my knowledge and always argue to each other. I can see Xin Nin really sad when I sent my maid to the agent.
Baniyah left on 25th June 08. And now she's already safe at her home as she had gave me a phone call to keep me informed. After a few days of the time manage and practice, now I manage to handle all the work and get back to blogging. . . yeah!!!
Here some pics of Baniyah and Xin Nin I took for them just before I sent her to the agent house on 24th June 08... all this pictures will sure be the sweet memories for Xin Nin in future..

Both smiling ... so sweet !

I'm sure they will miss each other very much ...

Xin Nin showing her sad sad face ... haha !!!

I want to thank Baniyah for being so helpful while she is working with me. Although sometimes she is not delivering the job I want, but she is still my good maid. I wish her all the best in her life. Thank you, Baniyah!



Piggy said...

It is not easy to find a maid who is like-able, helpful and good.
U r so lucky to have one.... :)

jepunlauee said...

you are so lucky to find a good maid like Baniyah..

Constance Chan said...

gosh i just remembered that i need to renew my maid's permit too. she is also with me coming to end of her forth year.... before that i had few short lived ones for about 2 years.. only the current one is the best I have so far. Although I don't set a schedule for her, she is able to do her own cleaning timetable and also cook for us.