May 12, 2008

25th April 2008

As promised, here is some pictures to share. I didn't snapped much pictures on my trip to Jakarta. I'll choose the nice one to share with all of you here.
this is what we ate before we head to KLIA that day..(my fav "yong tao fu")
come on,..guess which one is mine???
KLIA still consider one of the best airport in the world...
my lovely sister-in law...
after checked-in,..we cam whore for a while..hehe!!~
i love this white bunny..but didn't buy it~
my lunch on board..butter cheese cake and prawn salad*
prawn salad..
*pasta with cheese*
We take MAS Airlines to Jakarta. It was my first time there...more pictures on my next post ~


Anne said...

>.< so jealous ~~ can take aeroplane~~~ boo woo~~ i wish i can ride o~~~

Wengjen said...

honestly....i like your pictures
the pic with rabbit dolls make me wanna cry = .. =