March 06, 2010

I'm Still Alive...!

I think some of you who follows my blog would wonder what I have been up to lately... Why I stopped update my blog for such a long time. I'm doing fine here friends and even put on weight, eating too much and now on diet. Each time when I try to upload pictures or leaving comments on my friend blog, I just have to wait so long to wait them upload it. Well, this is the internet service I'm using now - WIMAX. It kills all my moods to update my blog. No matter how many calls I made to complain about their connection problems the matter seems like never solved and I have get sick of this. I sometimes wake up in the morning just to find that there is no internet connection at my house for that day or either no stable connection without prior notice. How can we have a company that's so irresponsible to their customers??? What if we have some important mails to reply or important stuff to online for that particular day which will cause a big lost if we can't online, something that's very urgent to get online?? Who are going to bear the lost??? My contract with WIMAX is 2 yrs and will end on Nov this year, we have to pay an amount of money if we terminate it before the contract ends. I just can't wait to terminate my service with them...cannot tahan already!!

To WIMAX : If you don't want to lost more customers, please upgrade your internet service!!