April 29, 2009

I'll Be Back,,...!!! Stay Tuned ~ hehe...

I'm SORRY for abandoned this blog for so long. I've been busy lately really with my life, there is some changes to my life since my hubby go to work in Hanoi and my maid went back to Indonesia and got married. I'm really happy for her as she had become a mother to a baby girl on 18th April 2009. Congratulations to you Baniah and now you know how hard to be a mother..lol~
At first I was always tired, to become a father, mother and a maid at the same time are not easy. Everything I have to do it myself and even when I'm tired I couldn't get enough rest. My friends, don't worry... now I can say, I'm okay and have grown strong to handle all the things by my own. I'm more independent now. My kids they have learned to do some stuff by their own also, that's a good sign... yeah!! I want to thank my kids for being so helpful hehe..They know when I'm tired and started to help me with the housework. My son will help me water the plants, take the dry laundry and make me MILO. My elder daughter she is good at keeping things, clean the table...and my youngest daughter, she is good at washing the dishes. At first I was worried that she didn't clean it properly, but after I see the dishes she clean...it's really clean and not a stain of oil on it.."clap,..clap" she did it! and she likes to sweep the floor but, not clean..hahaha!!! I will sweep it again before I mopped it.
Yesterday is my BIRTHDAY. Guess what I got from my hubby??? A sexy and slim mobile phone..hehehee!!! (I will take pics to show all of you in my next post) and I've spending some money buying some stuff for myself,.. to award myself ~ lol.. I've been to Hanoi from 21st - 25th April, attending my hubby's company 2nd Anniversary and spending some time with him as well. I will post up the things I got for myself in my next post while I'm in Hanoi and KL.
Now, I have to back to my housework. The house are in a mess when I'm not at home.. Stay tuned, I'll be back real soon ^o^


April 11, 2009

What I've Been Doing Lately???

I am BACK!!! Sorry for not updating my Magic Moment Of Life for quite sometime. I've been busy becoming a chef for my kids at home. Trying out many new recipes and my kids favourite food. When our kids started to grown up, they'll start asking for many different kind of food. Each of them have their own preference. My son will eat almost anything and he is not that choosy when it come to food but both my daughters they will eat only few food that they like. My elder daughter loves kuih, cakes, eggs and jelly. When it come to rice, she will take more if the dishes suits her taste buds. Haihz!! I have to make sure, I cook the food she likes then only she will eat her rice.

Below are the food that I cook for the pass week and that is what makes me so busy all the time. Cooking are not hard at all and I'm enjoying every single minute of it but I was very lazy to do the washing, clean up all the mess we make when we cook or bake. I have get use to my life without a maid. Now, everything I have to do it myself ... (give a big applause to myself ~ clap!! clap!!) hahaha~ I learn "making char siu bao" recently and it's yummy (grinned) ..

Ya, for your information.. I have created a NEW BLOG to write down and shared all my experience and recipes about my cooking. Please drop by and leave some comments when you all are free. I also practice very hard to take some good pictures of my food. Foodie photography~ hahaa!!
My latest cook ~ Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish ... ^o^

Fine Butter Cake..., how u like this pic?? Cakes in the cup, nice or not?

This taste heavenly yummy, trust me!! Spiral/Swirl Skin Curry Puff.

Nutricious and Delicious D.O.M Chicken ~ recipe in my Cooking Blog.

P/S: My friends, I'm doing great!!